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Content should always be good. Whether you are writing a fictional story or a business proposal, the overall content thereof should always be thoroughly researched, interesting and lead to a satisfying conclusion. It is not always easy to structure content for the internet that holds the attention, what with the millions of pages available out there. But there are ways to make your content stand out and lead to calls to action being answered by the public. Below are some tips for you to consider when writing and marketing online content.

Online content includes blogs, websites, articles, videos, social media etc. The most important part of any type of online content is the audience it is directed at. If you fail to engage your target market, you are pretty much wasting your words. In order to ensure that you DON’T fail at engaging your audience you have to be creative and consistent. It also won’t hurt to throw in a little SEO every now and then. Doing a competitive content audit will allow you to know who your competitors are and what they have that you currently may not.

Successful content and the marketing thereof also heavily rely on different writing styles. You cannot write something for a lawyers’ firm in the same style as you would write for a supermarket. It just won’t work. It is also very important that the person writing the content is knowledgeable on the subject matter. Research is non-negotiable, unless you want your readers to pick your content apart.

More often than not, readers look for content that is easy to read. Anything that requires them having to figure out what you actually mean, will just cause them to leave the page. This is even more important on social media platforms, considering how much time people spend there.

So, there you have it. We hope that these summarised tips will greatly enhance how you see and write online content. If you need content written for you, please do not hesitate to contact Mary And Me


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