Lefika La Phodiso

An example of a customer journey

Mary And Me designed a new brand identity for Lefika La Phodiso in line with their goal of elevating the community art counselling and training programme beyond it’s local grassroots level.

The new identity included everything from a hands on logo design to a Corporate Identity Manual, marketing collateral to training manuals. The new look and feel brings Lefika onto a whole new playing field and allows the organisation to continue offering a safe haven for many while also being self-sustaining through marketing its expertise through the training courses.

Below are some of the services Mary And Me have rendered for Lefika:

  • New brand identity
  • Marketing collateral design
  • Assistance with the e-commerce website
  • Training manual layout for the online training course
  • Email automation for their promotional drip campaign
  • In person training for their teens to create their own newspaper in Canva