Marike is our no-drama-lama and the main M in the M&M universe.
She founded Mary And Me out of a love for all things beautifully designed
and a pet hate of ugly logos. She is also M&M’s graphic and website designer,
so if you have a vision for your brand, she will make it come to life
in all the colours of the rainbow. (Or you know, the colours of your brand).

Whether you need a website built from scratch, a flyer or a brochure or
even a banner for your office, Marike is the one to go to.

Estelle the creative and admin manager at M&M.
Leaving behind the world of niche print publishing, she has joined Marike
in the digital sphere. She loves dreaming up creative ways to put websites together,
but luckily Marike is there to fix it!

Also, if you need any content for your website or social media platforms,
Estelle is the one to call (she can actually write).
This unicorn in a field of horses has had a couple of short stories printed as well as
a lot of online articles (if you need proof of her writing ability!)

She also loves her cat, but don’t judge her too harshly on that.