Thankfully, not even Covid-19 can reign in the creativity displayed on websites and marketing campaigns. What’s more, there are many exciting marketing trends predicted for 2021 that include layering static images with 3D graphics as well as minimalist design that includes 3D elements.

As more people choose to work or run their own businesses from home, it has become even more imperative for them to stand out in the crowd if their endeavour is going to survive the seemingly never-ending damper Covid-19 has placed on economies worldwide. The below predicted trends will go a long way in achieving brand visibility during these uncertain times and could just be the boost your newly established business needs to see it through the tough first couple of months.

Colours of comfort

Colour is essential in establishing brand visibility and getting your target audience to instantly recognize your product. What would Coca-Cola be without the colour red, for instance? Could you imagine the can in any other shade? How about a green can of original Coke? Would you even notice it in the fridge at the supermarket, or will you simply grab the familiar red can you know so well?

Choosing a colour for your brand is not as straightforward as it may seem either. This is why the trend for 2021 suggests that you use ‘colours of comfort’ while letting your website do the talking for your product. Select colours that ‘suit your industry’ and set your unique product against this backdrop on your website and social media campaigns. This will ensure that your audience immediately knows what you have to offer, and also how your product differs from the rest.

Customer opinion vs advertising

In the era of Hellopeter and review options on Facebook and Google, there is no hiding from a bad review. The goal should always be to avoid them completely or at least ensure that they don’t become the norm on your social media pages and/or websites such as Hellopeter.

Up to 75% percent of potential customers do not take advertising at face value, instead they opt to scour any and all reviews of any given company and their services before even attempting to establish contact.

In 2021, any social media campaign you tackle must be ‘people-oriented’. Engaging with your audience online is a sure-fire to stay front-of-mind when they are choosing between you and your competitors. Using different forms of social media branding, such as the hugely popular TikTok will also lead to higher engagement from your ideal audience.

Social commerce

Once you have made inroads with your social media campaign and converted new sales, you don’t want to send your new customers running away screaming, because of your limited payment options. 2021 is predicted to see a substantial uptick in the use of social commerce. Sending a customer to your website for payment might just lead to you losing them. ‘Order and pay here’ via your social media platform should be at the order of the day.

Immersive digital experiences

That being said, you do want prospective customers to visit your website in general to get a holistic view of everything your business has to offer. Once someone lands on your website and nothing interests them, they won’t stay to click around. A digital immersive experience including 3D elements is the way to go for any website in 2021. What’s more, if your website includes optimistic visuals, it will create a ‘sort of haven’ that customers would want to return to in the future.

Get your game on

The world is social media platforms’ oyster in 2021 so to speak. VR and gaming will not be left behind this year and there are a host of opportunities here. In-game advertising is huge already and during this year brands would do well to look out for game-related promotions. Just remember not to lose your brand’s unique voice while pursuing new and improved methods of marketing such as gamification and VR avenues. People buy from people, not machines, and that will never change.

The design of it all

Your brand and marketing campaign needs a home, and it should be as impressive as the product and campaign itself. There truly is no reason to not have a website in 2021. You could set your products and services against a 3D backdrop or go retro with special old-school fonts as well as offer a multimedia experience that includes great content, videos, audio and visuals.

Shades of black and white

A design trend making a comeback on websites and marketing campaigns is textured black and white illustrations. These types of images are put together digitally and make for engaging visuals with a difference. If illustrations are not your style, you could opt for the black outline trend in which black borders are placed strategically around various elements to highlight a specific item.

Putting it all together

The above-mentioned marketing trends are only a few of the ones slated to make a huge impact in 2021. Frosted glass websites, gradients, dark mode design, voice user interfaces, chat bots and mobile navigation will all take center stage this year.

It is easy to get lost in all the technical speak when it comes to fabulous websites and impactful marketing campaigns, which is why you need Mary And Me in your corner.

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